FOIDEX generates a folio of documents you have decided to release, to help you:
  • Save time collating and organising documents to release to the applicant and publish on your agency's FOI disclosure log;
  • Minimise the risk of administrative error (inadvertent release or withholding)

Safeguards against inadvertent release or withholding

FOIDEX contains four safeguards to help ensure that your agency does not inadvertently release information you intended to withhold, or withhold information you intended to release:


FOIDEX automatically creates a package of PDF documents for release based on your reviewed and approved decisions, to minimise manual double handling of files.


FOIDEX appends a warning to the beginning of each document to remind staff to apply redactions using the procedure recommended by OAIC and the Defence Signals Directorate.


All documents you add to FOIDEX are automatically stripped of metadata when FOIDEX converts them to PDF.


FOIDEX optionally scans in a batch any documents you choose to check for unapplied redactions and hidden metadata.
The Folio contains a reminder to ensure that you apply (black out) all electronic redaction marks before release, following the procedure recommended by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.


FOIDEX can help you meet the Australian Government mandatory accessibility requirements for users in a desk based environment by:
  • Combining accessible PDF files into a single downloadable package;
  • Generating a WCAG 2.0 compliant linked table of contents so users can easily navigate between documents using assistive technologies.