Frequently Asked Questions

How does FOIDEX integrate with my existing process for FOI?

FOIDEX complements and enhances your existing FOI process to provide better decision support, assurance and implementation. You may have existing systems or processes primarily designed to track workflow as opposed to decisions. For example, you may have documented procedures and existing systems for tracking and orchestrating the following:

If you are interested in leveraging techonolgy to make the procedures above more efficient, please contact us.

Image showing how FOIDEX is a complement to existing FOI management processes.

How does FOIDEX work if I cannot access electronic versions of documents?

In some cases you may not have flexible access to electronic versions of documents for security reasons. You can still leverage FOIDEX's decision support and assurance features for these documents by creating a record in FOIDEX to represent the document and any redactions. FOIDEX's decision report will note that the source of the document is not available.

Is FOIDEX compliant with the Archives Act 1983 (Cth)?

FOIDEX is not designed to store copies of your documents as an electronic records management system. FOIDEX retains only temporary copies of your documents for the purpose of helping you handle a single FOI request, similarly to when you temporarily a copy of a document on your computer or physical desktop, or in an email folder. Once you have generated a decision report and/or folio using FOIDEX, there is no need to retain any documents in FOIDEX. Agencies may which to file reports which FOIDEX generates in a records management system. This is at the option of the agency.

How does FOIDEX comply with the Defence Signals Directorate's Information Security Manual?

FOIDEX meets all the mandatory requriments under the ISM so long as it is deployed in the correct security domain within your agency.

How do you install and access FOIDEX?

FOIDEX is available as a standalone 'virtual machine' for hosting on your agencies infrastructure, for minimal dependencies and effects on other systems. It is designed to be accessed via the web browser on a desktop PC in your agency's Standard Operating Environment.